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Breathe Easy 'Hunter' Hoofdstel

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The Breathe Easy Hunter Bridle is a superior comfort bridle designed with optimum performance in mind. 
With a completely removable flash strap, luxuriously padded and shaped monocrown headpiece and hinged hybrid noseband fastening the Breathe Easy Hunter Bridle is miles ahead of the competition. 


  • Clever flash positioning allowing the nostrils to fully expand
  • Completley removable flash strap
  • Comfortable wide padded noseband
  • Hinged hybrid noseband fastening
  • Luxuriously padded and shaped monocrown headpiece
  • Neat billet attachments​


  • Sedgwick English leather
  • Available in black and havana brown
  • Available in cob, full and extra full
  • Sold without reins
  • Sold without throatlash, available separately
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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€ 129,95 € 109,95