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Hoofdstel SD CROWN Envy Me rondgenaaid - Zwart (SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS)

€ 187,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
- Levertijd 5-6 werkdagen
Productcode 297-559

The rolled Envy Me bridle is not only a beautifULl and elegant bridle but also an anatomic correct bridle. Here you get a bridle with a classic look whose design is based on your horse anatomi. The browband is with a single row of 12mm Swarovski Rivet Crystals.

* Memory foam in neckstrap and noseband for optimal preassure relief and comfort. 
* The bridle weighs very little because of the ultra leight memory foam padding.
* The pad at the pullback is made bigger for a better preassure relief. The new size is 4x12cm.
* Anatomic correct neckstrap with cutback behind the ears, so there is no preassure on them and they have full ear movement,
* 6cm wide neckstrap to minimize the preassure on your horses neck.
* The noseband is with cutback behind the bit, so there is good space for that.
* French hooks on cheekstraps and reins for a more elagant look.
* Curved browband.
* Including rolled leather reins.