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Zadeldek SD® DIAMOND EDITION - Smoked Topaz

€ 73,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
- Levertijd 5-6 werkdagen
Productcode 305-581

Zadeldek Diamond:

* The inside is made of Quick Dry materiale, who makes the saddlepad both breathable, sweat and heat transporting.
* The shape of the saddlepad is an unique SD Designed shape.
* The saddlepad will stay put during riding and there is very good space at the mane so the pad do to preassure on the sensible spinous processes. 

* Our shiny fabric keep the shape and colour after washing. 
* The girtstrap is with velcro so you easily can remove the girth.

* Beautifull SD logo surrounded by Crystals.
* 4 stunning pipings were 2 are metallic who add the elegant touch of bling that SD is know for.

* Handwash or wash with max 30 degress and no centrifuge. Stretch lightly after wash and hang up to dry.

* Loose crystals are uncluded if against expectation one should fall off.